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The Snow Village series consists of 11 designs that will be released consecutively for 11 months.  The first design in the series, Snow Village Banner, will be releasing in September. It is larger than all the rest with a stitch count of 111w x 61h.  The other 10 designs all have a stitch count of 55w x 61h.  If the entire series is stitched together, as I show, it has a stitch count of 223w x 185h.  Also, if you are stitching the series together, as I show, you will leave 1 stitch between each of the blocks, both horizontally and vertically. 

The fabric used for the models is 32 count Country French Rain Linen from Wichelt.  The designs also use the same threads throughout. If all of the designs are stitched, a total of this many skeins of floss will be needed: Classic Colorworks’ Cherry Tomato (2), Jolly Holly (2), Tea and Biscuits (1), and Hickory Sticks (2).  DMC 304, 319, 646, 722, 869 (2), 3828, and White (5).


Plese let the shop know if you would like to sign up for this series.




Blackbird Designs






This 12 part series began in 2010. Three of the designs, previously out of print, have been reprinted.

Now, all the designs are available again. They can be stitched individually or all together with two bonus pieces.

The layout is given in each chart.




Easter Parade has also been reprinted and is available again.






The 2019 Just Cross Stitch Special Halloween Issue has arrived.

Get your copy now!





The Just Cross Stitch Special Christmas Ornament Issue

will be arriving in September.


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New Accessory Items!




The Easy Guide Ball-Tip Needle™ was created with cross-stitchers and hand embroidery enthusiasts in mind. Each needle features a special mini ball at the tip that helps to navigate through Aida and other linens effortlessly. The ball end easily “finds” the right spot in your fabric, ending the unintentional splitting of fibers while you stitch. The result will be more even and consistent stitches throughout your design. Two needles per package.

Available in three sizes 24, 26, and 28.






This needle threader from Clover features a flat tip for

smooth threading even with thick threads.

Works on the long eye needles such as tapestry and crewel needles

(will not work on needles with a tiny eye such as quilting needles).