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Twenty twenty marks the 400th celebration of the arrival of the Mayflower. It is also the 400th anniversary of the arrival of needlework to America. Did you know, needlework came to America with the woman of the Mayflower? That is something to celebrate, as needle workers of the 21st century!


Life for the woman of the Mayflower was not easy. The woman and children lived on the Mayflower while the men built their dwelling places. The living conditions were dirty, wet and cold. Many of the woman and children died the first winter. In the spirit of these brave and enduring woman, and the 400 year celebration, Brenda has designed a sampler to honor the Woman of the Mayflower. The piece is titled, Coming to America - The Woman of the Mayflower.


The release date for this design will be September 6th, the date the Mayflower left Plymouth England. With some good stitching time, this sampler can be realistically completed in 66 days finishing on November 9th...the day the Mayflower landed in Cape Cod.


A few hints about the sampler... It is a long and narrow sampler. Very similar in size and stitch count to the historical Lora Standish sampler. As expected, there are nautical Mayflower themed motifs, but there are also motifs relating to the connection of needlework coming to America, and the woman of the Mayflower. The animals on the Mayflower included 2 dogs, pigs, goats and chickens. Look for these motifs on the sampler, as well! The cover model will be stitched on a 40 count linen. This sampler, due to its size, is best suited for 36 count or smaller linen. The sampler is worked entirely in cross stitch, over 2 threads, with a small amount of straight stitching. There is no over-one stitching on this piece.


The shop will receive more details and a sneak peek at the Nashville Needlework Market in March. We will share what we learned when we get back from market.


If you are interested in this sampler, please let the shop know. We will need to place our order by June 15th. What we order is what we will have!







The Nashville Needlework Market (March 6-8) will be here before you know it. The designers are busily getting new designs ready for the show and "sneak peeks" will start appearing soon. We will begin posting Nashville items on our website soon but if you find something while surfing the web, please feel free to let the shop know.